The Mission

CMF is a non-profit association founded in 1976 by pharmaceutical companies with as purpose to be a forum of excellence for the study, creation, maintenance & development of databases in the medico-pharmaceutical domain in Belgium & Luxemburg.

Our mission is to give you access to the most comprehensive and up to date customer database in Belgium and Luxemburg, at the lowest price.

The Vision

The CMF association is born from a very simple idea: pharmaceutical companies should keep control of their customer database while the costs to update it and to comply with the Belgian and Luxemburg laws on privacy and post mailing shouldn't be replicated but rather shared.

Our vision is to become again the customer database of reference for the pharmaceutical industry and to offer all pharmaceutical companies the co-ownership of the database with shared validation and compliance services in order to ensure the lowest prices for customer database access and maintenance in Europe.

The new slogan

At the heart of YOUR data!

By joining the CMF association, you don't rent someone else's database; you become co-owner of the database.

This unique feature means that you can use it extensively for all your promotional activities without any additional conditions or costs. Being member of the CMF association also gives you the opportunity to influence the content of the database, its architecture or its accesses.

The new logo

Ingrained in your core business and looking to the future:

The cloud, of course, represents the new paradigm in database management.  Nowadays, you should be able to access your data whenever you want, wherever you want.

The ECG line has two different meanings. First, it is strongly related to your core business: healthcare. Second, it reflects on what the CMF association is willing to achieve: being your preferred partner in customer database management, being "at the heart of YOUR data"!