The volume

There are about 80.000 healthcare professionals (GPs, SP, Pharmacists, Nurses, etc…), 12.000 organizations (hospitals, pharmacies, polyclinics, convalescent homes, etc…) and many more (hospital managers, purchasers, members of CMP/MFC) in the CMF database.

The privacy

CMF database contains "private" information of individuals, reason why CMF is subject to compliance with the law on private life. All necessary actions regarding the respect of the legal request (e.g. to send a post mailing to each new individual inputted in the DB) is managed by the Validation Centre (Infonis). The shipments of the letters are done on a monthly base.

The post mailing

A second legal request is to respect the law on postage regarding promotional activities of pharmaceutical companies. When a physician is for the first time in the database, a second letter is added in the initial mail asking him to accept the post mailing from the CMF members.

The Quality

Please contact us for the latest analytics on our quality management of the data.

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